Productivity tools

The best no frill way to keep your ideas, to-do lists and goals in front of you every day. Evernote is a cloud-based platform; you can use it on all your devices and it will sync and update - you can even log in to your Evernote account on another machine, and all your notes will come up in your web browser. Download Evernote for iOS or Android, now.


This Google Chrome extension helps you stay on track on focus on the important tasks. We all know that the internet is a wild west of distractions - get Marinara Pomodoro Assistant to maximise your time, today.


This tool seriously a lifesaver. Whether you are writing a blog for your site, typing an email or writing a post on social media - grammarly checks all your copy for the right syntax and spelling, so you can have confidence everytime you click the 'publish' button.

Tara Brach - Guided Meditations

Meditation and rest is a key area of productivity. A meditation session can comprise of relaxation, reflection, letting go of our expectations and the acceptance of things that have occurred. Tara Brach has regular guided meditations that will help you weed out your inner destructive thoughts and decompress from the stresses of the day.