About Us

Meta-skills for the creative entrepreneur

We Will Think is a place where creative people can learn some tips and tricks in order to function in today’s corporate jungle.

Meta-skills involve the nuances of learning from empathy and intuition. they are heuristic skills that you didn’t learn in school or university, but they are essential in all your endeavours. These skills were learned through someone’s personal experience and hold true when implemented in different circumstances.

Everyone is an entrepreneur…they just live in obscurity
We live in a world where information is decentralised. Skills that were taught 10 years ago are now redundant and jobs that were hiring are now firing. Investing in yourself has become the best bet that you can make in today’s fast-moving and in-flux market.

“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”¬†Rober Half¬†

Creative people do succeed when they are focussed, persistent and measured in their approach. We also believe that if given the choice, all of us would choose to be excellent at the entrepreneurial/business side of things.

And, that’s our purpose here – to break down all the boring ‘business’ stuff so that you can focus on your craft.

Please feel free to contact us at wewillthink@gmail.com, with any inquiries.